Big Bang theory of the sciences is

obsolete and completely impossible!

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this u. g. Contribution shows how inappropriate the Big Bang theory is our universe with all parts of theSystems of galaxies explain this. In a fraction of a second, it is better not to have the billions of massive galaxies whose system exploded with all those billions of stars and suns and their immeasurable mass. Now imagine the unknown mass of matter of all galaxies.

So the primordial soup was exploded with some kind of ignition - according to the system of the - vacuum bomb Russians -, fine particles eventually give rise to a super explosion - and then, according to theories, the original explosion of the Big Bang has resulted.

Such an explosion presupposes that first of all this huge soup of matter had to be present. So where did the original matter come from, is the question, where does this come from and not the big bang itself forms matter, but my network energy according to model Eric Hoyer, this can ignite only God.

The big bang theory is not possible, according to conventional concept, because
such a mighty super explosion of possible initial state is missing. Not
will be explainable to scientists.
So at this point - where the big bang has arisen - a huge nothing should arise. This nothing would be min. as big as our visible horizon in space itself.
So, if visible matter flees in this enormous size, assumed by scientists, the universe can never be finite, otherwise the expandable explosion would not be able to expand.
However, since stars, solar systems and galaxies are visible in all directions - visible with modern devices -, therefore, a big bang theory is obsolete, not possible, because no real connection to the super-particle black matter can be understood, but obviously is everywhere.
Only this predominant state of the
network field is evidence of a non-exploding state of the explosion in the state zero, but of another structure in the network field and its energy, the matter birth of visible matter. This state expands and slides on the network field, colliding and forming larger parts of matter and thus becoming in space as in our time - 2017 - is possible, as we now see.
In this case, gravitation might have had to be abandoned in conventional view, since gravitation according to Einstein would not be necessary for black matter Cosmon, but only for visible matter.
See my o. G. Explanation of black matter here's the solution,


I call network-field power model Eric Hoyer. (Netfield-energy model Eric Hoyer)

In my contribution, life in space is possible, network energy
Also interesting are the findings of different movements of the directions of galaxies, but also the different speeds. These differences are related to the density or less density of the network field. My theory on the gliding of the net-field energy would also help to justify the flight of galaxies and in other directions as well.

Recent research makes a Big Bang view impossible and nonsensical. I also explained the black holes in the grid box of my explanation below, what happens to them.

Even the dying of stars is wrong, they would give black holes, entirely wrong theory, this has no relation to the actual group of black holes, but with the net energy to Eric Hoyer.

Black holes are accumulation of matter that disturbs the network field, is recognized by network power as a disruption of network energy, it creates a black hole to equalize a fault, theory by Eric Hoyer.
It is also so, the greater the mass of the visible matter or the state of this to the unity of the net field energy Contrary behaves the more massive the resistance of the network field, the more powerful, powerful becomes a black hole.
Therefore, accumulation of stars in the galaxy is a disturbance of the network field energy.

Gama flashes are due to the dying star's characteristics,
which react in the network field energy, here
also a kind
Short circuit to the grid field energy.

Network energy has a regulation within the space-network energy itself - possibly as the protons, neutrons, electrons revolve around a nucleus, represent a unity, just different. Black Matter About 70% in space. - who wants to be regulated.

The transformation into black holes is the transformation of matter into black energy, or actually a cosmos garbage disposal simplified.

For these reasons are at accumulations of matter or in the center of the galaxy
These forces of network energy are the most powerful.



Another topic is:
The swindler of traveling through black holes in other parts of the universe is impossible, because the energy of all matter is shredded and becomes smaller than atoms.
So never book a trip through a black hole, it will be your last trip. A journey to other outer space counter-motivations are childlike dreams and very far from reality. Or. a source of money for the relevant parts of the research, since the universe is infinite, these funds are also planned without end.
Likewise, traveling at the speed of light is because of the state of the fine particles of matter in space, which act like shots on a spaceship, a fist-sized piece of visible

matter would immediately destroy the spaceship. In addition, a mass becomes increasingly sluggish with increasing speed, the energy required can not be applied, and humans can no longer control their stability.

Calm down and lean back, the technology to build such a spaceship has not even reached 3% reality. no matter how modern you look. In relation to what we have in terms of technology and prospects (200 years), the next star can not even be reached

in 300 years of flying time. Then it would be determined because of the hostile conditions of the sun with the planet, a landing is not possible or not worthwhile, so the return flight is started, if the technology is still working there. So children on the flight would also have to be born into new worlds and given everything for generations.
The question then would be to clarify whether this variant, the citizens of spaceships ever the insight prevails to want to catch up with the other people here on earth. It could be, as historically proven the earth citizens like to tear themselves here. Possibly. if a nuclear war had already destroyed everything, what could there be to get rid of nuclear waste.

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